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Welcome to our home page of Agsa Japan Co., Ltd.

Our company have been established 1956 located in Osaka, Japan and hereafter our company have been manufacturing and selling the medical drugs and medical devices for dental clinics and dental field.

Our company have been manufacturing the following products at Osaka factory under control of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and supervisor of Osaka prefecture and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Our company can export the following products in Japanese package with Japanese explanation and with or without foreign language explanation (insert leaflet) inserted in each package

  1. Ethical drugs

    Dental formcresol25mL amber glass bottle
    Dental Iodine-Glycerin25mL amber glass bottle
    Camphenic (Murakami Camphenic for dental)25mL amber glass bottle
  2. Medical device

    N2 Apical (N2A)Set of Powder 7g and liquid 5mL
  3. Each ingredient, indication and usage

    1. Dental formcresol

      100g contains:

      JP Formalin40g
      JP Cresol40g
      JP Ethanol20g
      Indication :Disinfection of root canal
      Usage :Insert the liquid into the root canal and seal temporarily.
    2. Dental Iodine-Glycerin

      100mL contains:

      JP Iodine10g
      JP Potassium iodine8g
      JP Zinc sulfate hydrate1g
      JP Glycerin35mL
      JP Purified waterq.s
      Indication :Disinfection of oral membrane and root canal
      Usage :Apply suitable quantity of liquid on affected area with cotton pellet or other cotton fiber.
    3. Camphenic

      100g contains:

      JP Phenol45g
      JP d-Camphor45g
      JP Anhydrous ethanol10g
      Indication :Disinfection of carious cavity and root canal. Sedation of pulpitis.
      Usage :After usual cavity and root canal treatment, insert the liquid into cavity or root canal with cotton pellet or other cotton fiber and seal temporarily.
    4. N2 Apical (N2A)

      Powder (100g)

      JP Paraformaldehyde6.0g
      JP Zinc oxide48.4g
      Others (radiopaque substances)25.0g
      and others substance20.6g

      Liquid (100mL)

      JP Clove oil88.0mL
      Approved specification Rose oil3.6mL
      Indication :Filling root canal (Treatment of tentative filling in case of gangrenous pulpitis, gangrenous pulpitis with fistula, etc.)
      Usage :Mix the liquid with the powder in ratio of powder 0.3g and liquid 5 drops (0.12g) to make a stiff consistent materials.
      Fill this materials into root canal to seal the canal by hand or tool such as Lentula in tentative filling treatment.
  4. Export condition and price

    1. Ex-work :
      Location Tamatsukuri, 1-2-34, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-0004, Japan. Agsa Japan Co., Ltd.
    2. Price :
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    3. Prepayment :
      Prepayment including actual cost of freight by bank remittance: T/T remittance
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    Takatsugu Yamauchi (Mr.) agsaqc@agsa.co.jp(E-mail address has been changed.)

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